Meet the Faces Behind

Our Family Business

A little about us & how we came to be...

Two of us were sitting on the kitchen counter top, two by the big wood table, and mom was in the corner of the kitchen sipping on her hazelnut coffee. We all just stared at each other. "I think we should just go for it and do it," said mom. It had only been years of us daydreaming of the idea. We were smackdab in the middle of a pandemic and mom had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Timing seemed awful, yet all of our surroundings were reminding us just how precious "time" is. Our online clothing boutique, Embolden, was born in June 2020 and we officially launched online in October 2020. There are four of us sisters (Ashley, Rachael, Hannah, & Morgann) and our mom (Ann), who is doing WONDERFUL by the way! We all put our hearts into this small business and hope that you feel that, whether you are browsing our website, stopping by a pop-up shop, or tuning into something on social media @shopembolden. Our lives all look a little different and we each have distinct routines, just as we envision you do. We want to extend a warm welcome to you as a friend, as family, and we look forward to helping you find pieces to fit your daily routine!

...with some fun facts

Ashley Gorman

Raising gentleman (?) and stumblin' on Legos. Fueled by espresso. Impressed by the details. Extroverted introvert. Advancement at Illinois professional. “Ran” a marathon once. Amateur baker. Flea Market Flip wannabe. Lover of live music...0 musical talent. 

Rachael Graham

Fundraising & Marketing professional at local non-profit. High school b-ball coach. Competitive perfectionist. Happy hour is the best hour. Aunt to Chase & Jack is the best thing EVER. Cat mom to Murph & Frodo. Overthinker. Lover of breakfast food - especially bacon. Go Pack Go! 

Hannah Oxley

CrossFit Coach. Prefers lifting to running. Cold Brew Coffee in the morning, Scotch at night. Lover of carbs. Frequently attends concerts with husband. Closet full of basic tanks and yoga pants. Fall weather is the best weather. Netflix and naps with the cats. 

Morgann Graham

Registered Nurse. Lover of all animals, dog fanatic. Speaks fluent sarcasm. Nutrition and fitness enthusiast who is always up for a challenge...also always up for ice cream. Tea and candle addict. Laughter and music are the best medicine. Enjoys hiking and watching the sunrise/sunset. Smiles are contagious – spread them.

Ann Graham

Faith, family, friends. CEO of the house/Occupational Therapist. CA survivor. Golden rule = better world. Happily married to best friend Chris. Four amazing daughters, 2 awesome son-in-laws and 2 sweet grandsons!  Lover of National Parks, holiday traditions, 4 seasons, and conversations around the dinner table.   Disney movies are best...known to shed a tear or 2.