Mother's Day Giveaway!

What on earth does mom really want for Mother's Day?

Fresh flowers from the local florist?
A day of pampering at the spa?
A homemade card made with sweet little fingerprints?
A sparkling, clean house (that she didn't have to clean)?
The newest kitchen gadget to help with dinners?
A Peloton?
An overdue visit with a son who went off to college?
A personalized piece of jewelry that holds special meaning?
Breakfast in bed?
Absolutely no breakfast in bed...but 100% brunch...with peach mimosas?   
A massage, please?  
She doesn't care as long as she is with family?
...but maybe 1 hour of alone time, Netflix, her choice, no interruptions?
To sleep in past 5AM?
A designer handbag?
Coffee and window shopping with her daughters?
A dry shampoo that actually works?
Maybe she wishes she could see her own mom?
Maybe she wishes she had a mom?
Maybe she lost a child and she wants to do nothing but keep a favorite memory alive?
Or perhaps, she is having the battle of her life trying to become a mother?
What mom really wants for Mother's Day is often not a materialistic thing, and what one mom wants does not mean all moms will want the same. Motherhood looks and feels different for each individual. So think hard about the mother figure(s) in your life, and maybe you don't have to think hard at all, it may come easy. Celebrate them and yourselves for the beautiful individuals that you are!  Then, put some icing on your cake and enter our Mother's Day Giveaway for a chance to win some pretty sweet bonus items.
We are partnering with two other women who we think you will love to bring you the below giveaway package! We will be giving away a Vegan Leather Taupe Backpack (currently available for pre-order here) as well as a pair of sunglasses inspired by the beloved, Jen Reed of The Sister Studio. Lyndsey, the owner of The Raw Rose, will be giving away a custom Life Purpose Beaded Bracelet, and Kelsey, the face behind Kickin' It With Kelsey, will be giving away a $50 gift card to Smallwoods Home! Who's excited? We're excited!
Mother's Day Giveaway
Follow us on our social channels for future giveaways! do you enter you ask? 
Who? Anyone over the age of 18 who resides in the United States. 
Where? On our Instagram post here. Want 15 bonus entries? Share this blog post to your Facebook feed and then comment on this blog post with the name of a mom who inspires you!
When? Entry period 4/27/2021 through 5/4/2021 10PM CST.
Winner Notification: Winner will be contacted via Instagram Direct Message from @shopembolden by end of day 5/7/2021 CST. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to direct message to claim giveaway items, which includes everything listed above.
Okay, now a few extra tidbits that we want to share on Lyndsey and Kelsey! 
Lyndsey's jewelry is centered around the Life Purpose System and she makes everything by hand out of New Jersey. Should you be the winner of this giveaway, you'll have the choice to include a charm on your bracelet that represents either your Life Path Number or the Relationship Number with someone meaningful in your life. Knowing your Life Purpose Number brings consciousness to your purpose in this world, helps you figure out what you are good at, gives you a better understanding of your struggles, and helps you understand the relationships and connections you have to the people in your life. Lyndsey's pieces are beautiful as you can see for yourself below, you can shop her site here. We had high hopes that we'd be able to carry her jewelry in our shop, but due to the highly customized nature of her work, we knew this likely wasn't an option. Being able to partner with Lyndsey is the next best thing! 
The Raw Rose - Jewelry

Kelsey is a Texas blogger who does a little bit of everything. You'll love following along with her, and her two goats (farm family)! This mom of two is a realtor, who also enjoys gardening, fixing yummy food, and has great taste in style. The photo below, similar to the one in the Giveaway photo, is one taken in her modern farmhouse. Use her photo wall as inspo should you win the Smallwoods Home gift card. How sweet is her little fam?!

And how cute is she? You can shop her looks here.

Kickin' It With Kelsey

And if you know anyone who is looking to get married in Texas...has she got the venue for you. We are IN LOVE with A Thousand Cedars, an event venue that her family built and runs. Try not to drool when looking at the Grand Hall on their website. The photo below is of their Bridal Suite, isn't it dreamy??

Bridal Suite at A Thousand Cedars in Texas
Photo Credit: A Thousand Cedars
Can you see why we are excited to be collaborating with this ladies? Looking forward to gifting one of you soon! 


  • Anonymous

    She raised you so there’s no question she’s a wonderful mom and grandma!!! Happy early Mother’s Day to you both!

  • Andrea Steele

    My own momma is definitely my mom-spiration! She always finds the fun in situations. She is not only a wonderful mom…. she’s an amazing grandma to my two boys!!!!

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