Celebrate International Women's Day with Lucky Feather: Spreading Good Energy and Empowerment

In the vibrant city of Los Angeles back in 2006, Jill Schiff embarked on a quest many of us can relate to: finding the perfect gift to uplift a friend's spirits. Little did she know, this pursuit would lead her to something much greater—an opportunity to inspire and empower women worldwide. Thus, Lucky Feather was born.
From its humble origins in Jill's own home, Lucky Feather emerged with a simple yet powerful mission: to spread positivity and inspiration through stylish, affordable gifts and jewelry for every occasion. What started as a personal endeavor quickly grew into a movement, fueled by Jill's unwavering commitment to lifting others up.
Silver Star Stud Earrings
As Lucky Feather flourished, so did its aspirations. Beyond adorning women with fashionable accessories, Lucky Feather aimed to spark a global dialogue on positivity and empowerment. This vision found a like-minded partner in The Pad Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to breaking barriers and empowering women and girls in underserved communities.
Led by Jill's daughter, Ruby, and a group of passionate high school students, The Pad Project captured hearts worldwide with its groundbreaking work, culminating in the production of the Academy Award-winning short documentary "Period. End of Sentence." The film, championed by Jill's husband, Garrett, shed light on the importance of ending period stigma and empowering women globally.
Today, as we commemorate International Women's Day, we honor the legacy of Lucky Feather and its tireless pursuit of empowerment. Through their collaboration with The Pad Project, Lucky Feather continues to uplift women, one accessory at a time, while advocating for causes close to their hearts.
Join us in celebrating the resilient spirit of women worldwide. Visit The Pad Project's website to discover more about their impactful work and learn how you can contribute to the movement. Together, let's spread positivity and inspiration, not just today, but every day.
Happy International Women's Day!
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