20+ Ways to Wear the Ultra Pink Blazer & Dress Shorts

Two weeks ago we released our Ultra Pink Blazer and Ultra Pink Dress Shorts, two high quality pieces that quickly proved to be favorites among friends of Embolden! As promised, we are back with a quick blog post to spark some inspo for wearing these 2 pieces over 20 different ways...yes, t-w-e-n-t-y! While the blazer and shorts pair perfectly together as a set, we are offering them separately to allow you more flexibility. For our pink lovers out there, this is a no brainer. For those still warming up to this bold summer color, you've come to the right place to feel it out a little further!
We will dive into a number of pairing pieces that we have stocked at the time of writing this blog post, but let's be resourceful first. You very likely already have something in your closet that you can match up with the Ultra Pink Blazer and/or the Ultra Pink Dress Shorts. Plain ol' black tank top anyone?? Go all out with the set and pumps or relax it down a bit, ditch the pumps for sandals, and leave the blazer at home. 
Ultra Pink Blazer and Ultra Pink Dress Shorts paired with a simple black tank top.
The color black segues right into our next six looks with our Everyday Black Romper, a pair of black dress pants (again, that you already have...if you need a white blouse, we got you), our Everyday Black Dress, and our Black Polka Dot Blouse.
Ultra Pink Blazer and Ultra Pink Dress Shorts paired with black romper, black dress pants, and black dress.
One top, but with three unique looks depending on your style!
Three ways to wear a pink blazer set with a long sleeved black blouse.
Want a safe alternative to pairing with black? Try out navy, white, or both. These colors help tone down the pink when you feel it necessary, or if that is your preference to begin with. Our Swiss Dot Smocked Neck Short Sleeve Blouse, Navy Pocket Blouse, White Dotted Shirt, and Just Right Cardigan  are all nice options to choose from.
Ultra Pink Blazer and Ultra Pink Dress Shorts paired with navy and white pieces.
We know, we know, not all of you are about toning down your outfit. This is where we bring in ALL the colors! Just because we call this set ULTRA pink, does not mean that you can't mix it with other colors that are just as vibrant. Give our Pocket Muscle Tank in yellow or Basic Tank Top in peach a whirl. Opt to dress it up a little more with the royal blue Smocked Tank Blouse.
Ultra Pink Dress Shorts paired with bright and bold colored tank tops.
We hinted at denim earlier, but didn't dive all in. Not a fan of shorts or maybe there is a slight chill? Dress pants aren't the only pants you can pair with the blazer. Compliment it with jeans of your choice, your favorite blouse, or a cute graphic tee for some added spunk. (PS - this Illinois Graphic Tee is an upcoming new release, woot, woot!)
Ultra Pink Blazer with denim and graphic tee.
Into a more casual look, but not a fan of words on your shirt? We stocked our Gray Flowy Tank with activewear in mind, but see that it can be transitioned outside of this realm with ease. Last, we've got our dear friend, Chambray. Chambray always seems to come through when we are least expecting, partnering with colors and outfits we had never envisioned wearing. Then out of nowhere, they come together just right.  
Ultra Pink Blazer Set with chambray tank top.
Whether it be with this Ultra Pink Blazer Set or something that you have at home, we encourage you to experiment with all of the possibilities. You might surprise yourself along the way! Did we miss any looks?? Let us know in the comments!
Pin for when you "have nothing to wear!"
20+ Ways to Wear a Blazer Set

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